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Pittsburgh, PA 15236
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What makes Case | Sabatini such a great place to work?

To begin with, you certainly won’t feel like a small fish in a big pond.  Everyone from partners to staff works together – every day – to maximize the value of the services that we provide to our clients.  At Case | Sabatini, our professionals – of all levels – experience working within a broad scope of client services and industries.  From individuals to sole proprietors and international corporations to non-profits, we find that the variety of tasks our staff take on and the clients they work with help them to hone in on the career path that they find most rewarding.  We want you to be happy and feel successful in your career.  And of course, whatever specialty our accountants focus on, we continually provide all of the necessary training and support to cultivate peak performers.

You will be recognized and rewarded for what you bring to the table. You will not slip through the cracks when you need guidance or want change.  We want balance in the lives of our employees.  We want you to join us in taking ownership of our firm.

Whether you are entry-level or C-level, Case | Sabatini is looking for individuals with technical proficiency and a mind for innovation.  We want the kind of people who are dedicated team players and embody natural leadership.  There there are no limits for professionals who desire to grow with us at Case | Sabatini.