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Companies need temporary or interim assistance in the accounting area quite often. In some cases, companies have recently grown into this need. In others, the CFO or controller has either left, has taken an extended leave of absence, or needs to focus on other areas critical to the company at the moment. Or, it may simply be that an experienced person is required to spearhead an important project. Whatever the reason, Case | Sabatini has professionals on staff who can help. Many have prior CFO or controller experience. All have a successful track record of assisting companies. Our employees are real “roll up your sleeves” types — deeply knowledgeable, broadly experienced CPAs and financial advisors. They bring experience with numerous businesses, a background in cash management, and an understand internal controls from a public accounting perspective. Of course, there are many other benefits, which we’ll enumerate below. However, take a look at the type of work our employees can assist your company with:

  • Assure that accounting reports are timely and accurate
  • Supervise finance and accounting functions
  • Assist in preparing budgets and forecasts
  • Cash management and cash flow planning
  • Prepare analyses (e.g. profitability, overhead, etc.)
  • Set up internal controls
  • Document / implement financial policies and procedures
  • Prepare financial statements (generally monthly)
  • Bookkeeping
  • Look after tax matters and deadlines
  • Financial due diligence for projects
  • Provide general fiscal advice and oversight
  • Assist with financial projections (e.g., for restructuring)
  • Help prep a company for financing – whip a company into shape
  • Provide a financial review of key managerial decisions
  • Meet with management to review key information
  • Forensic accounting and internal audit
  • Select and/or implement new accounting software / systems
  • Train and/or mentor accounting staff
  • Participate in business plan development
  • Participate in pricing strategy development
  • An executive has left your company permanently or temporarily (generally due to family leave, illness, extended travel, or similar leaves of absence).
  • The company needs assistance with a finance related project over several months.
  • The company needs help restructuring.
  • The company needs to get moving on a high-level project quickly.
  • The company needs interim help from an experienced controller or CFO while a permanent employee is being recruited.
  • The company needs extra help until a new accounting software package is running.
  • The company needs extra help until the company is sold.
  • The company needs only interim high-level assistance, and wants to avoid the costs associated with traditional executive searches (search fees, signing bonuses, compensation packages, benefits, etc.).
  • The company has an uncertain future and is finding it difficult to attract the right talent, given the circumstances.
  • The company needs a person to come in and run things and/or make decisions as opposed to a CPA-type relationship where the CPA guides management in the decision making process.
  • The company may have just grown into the size where they need a controller or CFO. By utilizing an interim person, they’re able to work with that person to more easily define the scope of the permanent position.
  • The nature of the company’s controller or CFO position is changing, and the company requires assistance during this time (e.g., during a merger, acquisition, relocation, or a high-growth period).
  • The company is a venture-stage company, just starting out.

Ten Reasons to Use Case | Sabatini

  1. Tailored approach. Our approach is tailored for each client’s situation and industry. We have a pool of employees, and can generally offer a candidate that matches the company’s needs well.
  2. Speedy service. We can also get to work quickly.
  3. Employees focused on the work. As we are not primarily a temp-staffing firm, we’re not going to supply a company with someone who is going to approach the position in a self-interested way, trying to convert the position to a permanent full-time arrangement.
  4. Reduced “down time.” Interim employees are generally focused on special projects and do not get distracted by the day-to-day administrative functions normally present in full-time positions.
  5. Cost savings. Because Case | Sabatini is the employer, clients do not need to pay benefits or other perks associated with full-time employees.
  6. Deep resources. As an added bonus, our temporary placements always have the benefit of the full resources of our firm for special needs that arise.
  7. Updated people. As part of a CPA firm, our accountants will be current with changes and updates to the tax laws.
  8. Permanent solutions. If a permanent placement is desired, Case | Sabatini can assist a company with such a placement when the time comes (and at reasonable, competitive fees).
  9. Professional fees. As always, our fees are reasonable. Fees vary according to the level of service needed. We can supply you with high-level, temporary CFO-types, as well as controllers, A/R, A/P, and payroll personnel.
  10. Value added services. In addition to the above personnel, we can also offer computer-related assistance–data entry personnel, hardware and software consultants and developers.

Ready to Get Started? (Or, simply want to learn more?)

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