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When one considers the sheer breadth of what is meant by the term “retail,” it becomes a bit easier to understand how this dynamic business sector makes up the third largest industry in our state. Each year, according to the PA Retailers Association, more than 1.25 million residents are employed in this sector. Further research indicates that retailers account for nearly 10% of Pennsylvania’s Gross State Product. In this industry, that translates into upwards of $40 billion annually.
Retailers primarily encompass the direct selling and/or wholesaling of durable goods (such as vehicles and parts, home and office furnishings and supplies, construction and farm materials and machinery, professional equipment and supplies, sporting goods, jewelry, etc.) and nondurable goods (such as food, beverages, medicines, clothing, animals, paper goods, chemicals, etc.).

As the area’s 13th largest CPA firm, Case | Sabatini has experience with literally hundreds of such businesses, from small “mom and pop” shops all the way up through large-scale retail enterprises with annual revenues topping $100 million. With such a wide variety of clients in this area, our services include accounting and auditing, tax planning, estate planning, and a wide range of consulting, training, and IT specialties. Please view our services section for specific information. Or, to find out how we can help your retail business, simply